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Interlude: That Great Beast


Interlude: That Great Beast


            When evil forms into a group? It is united in purpose. Beware that which lurks in the dark.—A note from the Exodus.

            We hold the greatest of Sins, beyond rejecting the Highest, my people warped. Our great shame.—Convergence: All of Records (CCT Timestamp Noted)

The Reliquary of Worlds

Creation Cycle (Foundation)

Ouroborous of Life


Mammon glared.

            What a boring place. They numbered as a simple group of six. For now. He didn’t consider the female worth the time.

            The Highest had no sense of purpose. Why make these common beings?! When they had art like Lucifer in the flesh. A way to leave a mark upon all of Creation! With one of the Holy Host at their side? Everything could be theirs. Beelzebub squatted by the crystalline waters. Eying the Fruits of the Garden. His massive gut quavering with the sheer temptation of it. The most forbidden fruit rested within the branches of a slivered tree. His oily skin left little to the imagination. His froggy face huddled deeper into his robes. Webbed toes clinging to the dirt.

            Mammon spat. His emaciated form was hidden behind dark gray robes. Unlike other Amarche, he had taken one look at the Ouroborous of Life and rejected it outright. His brothers had done the same. Most of their people had become ghosts within the threads. To never touch the face of Creation.

            A barren life.

            Leviathan snarled, “They chose Oblivion. At least we have physical forms!”

His brother was coiled around a small set of stones. Normally he was the shape of a giant green snake. His orange eyes sparkled with rage. His jaws parted as he inhaled the bountiful fields of Elysium. That was what the Humans named this place. It had many names. Heaven, The Golden Path, the Ouro Above All.

He preferred Lucifer’s take on it: Prison.

Belphegor blinked slowly. His pale green eyes squinting against the glare of the three suns that protected this place. His grayscaled hands pulled at his red robes. They didn’t have a unified look. Not like the others of this place. He yawned, his jaws popped as he leaned back against the cool rocks.

“Maybe Lucifer will succeed. If we get White to give us access to the Leylines of Creation. Under the pretense of Healing us…..” He grinned wickedly. He would cherish the look on the human shard bearer’s face. Noah! That was it. They were outcast. Might as well burn the house down.

Asmodeus and Satan clashed in the stone works behind them.

Their battle marked the only excitement this realm had to offer.

What could the Highest even do about it? They had physical forms.

Their brothers had fled like cowards. Asking for forgiveness. That sniveling Curator at the head of the pack. Lilith, the only female of the Amarche to join them in the realm of the Living, cursed.

She spat, “Well I hope he does find something viable soon. We can’t even enter the main city without the Holy Host responding. So what if the Armache is a doomed race. We are proof that some of us have a spine.”

Her skin was smooth.

Almost perfect. Except for the fangs protruding from her delicate mouth.

The sky above clouded over. A fell wind spread through the trees.

An omen.

The Dexter Chronicles Unmasked: Here

Tarvellian Surprise Issue 1: Here

The Dexter Chronicles: Unmasked


The Dexter Chronicles: Unmasked


            How events transpired are often colored by our perceptions. Black was trying to look out for his sister but that world had yet to know sin or evil.—Dexter Murphy

            And all my dreams are torn to sunder. The days of delight are ash upon the waters of creation.—Noah

            One heart filled with Love. The tipping point edged ever closer. Silken promise dashed upon the shores of the Splintering. The shattered husk of the Created spiraling into the deep. Typha will pay for its hubris. As will we all.—Notes from the Exodus. 

            Choice. The Highest incorporated that into everyone. From its very first creations to its last. The Light may fade but it will never diminish. Not as long as we look beyond the abyss to the eternal. That which commands the soul.—Sleeping in Starlight: Arcane Insights Into Convergence (Vol 1)

Olaru Xana

Tri-System of Eden

Human Domain (Everflow Gardens)

            Dexter faced White and Doctor Lanis. Black had his hands clasped tightly on the tabletop. Eliza had excused herself. Niner accompanied Eliza, mostly to keep an eye on her. No one wanted to mask any more memory than needed. There were truths here that Unity couldn’t know. Dexter asked flatly, “Will my sister be the last to know everything?”

            White nodded. Her eyes darkened. Guilt squeezed at her heart.

            Black whispered, “It is required. Because Eliza is the key. No matter the time. Place. Soul. We are the beginning. We are the end. The Path is set.”

Dexter leaned against the wall. The dormant energy sent pinpricks up his spine. He bluntly stated, “Fine. Who are we then? If Souls from the Dawn of Creation have been cycled through the Ouro of Life.”

Black winced, “You are the souls of the first Children. The one’s which Adam and Eve failed to protect.” Dexter eyed the infinity symbol on the idling console. He examined every facet of Black’s countenance.

White stopped his musing with a hard glance, “No. We are not Adam and Eve. Yet the snake did tempt them.” Her shoulders sagged.

The Requilary of Worlds

Creation Cycle (Foundation)

Ouroborous of Life


            Lucifer knelt to touch the base of the tree. Unlike all the others within this patch of the forest, it glimmered. It’s apples a deep red. Silver leaves swayed gently. Why had his Father put this here? It was divine within a land of mortality. A boy and girl ran past. Their laughter grated on his nerves. What did those insects have? They barely lived to see 100 cycles. The ones imbued with magic? 500.

            A mere blink.

            The boy stopped. Placing himself before the girl. Typerian eyes gazed up at Lucifer. The girl was one of the humans. She tugged on the boy’s sleeve, “Our parents expect us!” The sandy-haired Typherian didn’t budge. Those alien orbs would not submit before a higher being. The girl’s deep blue gaze wouldn’t meet Lucifer’s blazing golden eyes.

            As was proper.

            A petite woman with a silken white dress dashed across the open field. Her hair was a light blond. Eyes as warm as the sun.

            Eve shouted, “Elijah! Genevive! Noah is about to lead the…” She bowed. “I am sorry if the children interrupted your musing Holy Host.” She also averted her gaze. The boy did not. Lucifer’s left hand strayed to his sword hilt.


            A figure in a black cloak and golden armor broke Lucifer’s silent regard.

            Black, as he was known to the mortals, walked towards Eve. The Father of All.

 The Archangel of Death.

            Made when Father decided these fragile races needed limitations.

Lucifer called out to  Azrael, “Little brother. Why waste the time?” He spoke in the divine language. So the monkeys would remain ignorant.  Azrael turned. His 3 golden eyes narrowed. He responded in the standard tongue, “They are my charges. Given to me by our Father. I will not abandon them. What makes you speak thus?”

Azrael’s sister, bedecked in white robes, ushered the children to Eve’s side. Known as White, the Mother of All, to the mortals. Her name was unknown to him. A kernel of a smile grew. He didn’t know her name yet. They controlled the flow of Mortal Souls and Life cycles. White would go beyond the Ouroborous of Life to weave new threads into the monkeys that walked the lands of Eternity.

Brought from various planets to meet Noah. Every 50 cycles a new shard bearer would be picked for each race of sapients. Lucifer masked his distaste as the human girl child handed a wreath of flowers to White. More children gathered about her. J’kua, Litari, a few Icath. One Bardaxian flipped on its side. Presenting its belly to be rubbed. A voice curled around his left ear, >>You wish them brought low dear Lightbringer?<<

He nodded. Not trusting himself to respond.

>>Perhaps a bargain can be made. I need you to pluck at some strings.<<

Lucifer’s smile bloomed, “A gift indeed.”


            Dexter said, “Lucifer seduced you.”

            White stared through Murphy. Lorain sat heavily in the chair across from Black.

            Azrael. The echo of power danced on the tip of her tongue.  

            She asked, “Did he ever learn White’s true name?”

            White snapped, “No.”

Her eyes remained glued on Dexter. Lorain let out one drawn-out puff of air. “Let’s keep it that way.”  Dexter paced about the room. Each step was measured. Calculated. His steel-gray eyes were devoid of warmth. Black interjected gently, “It will not always be so. With Eliza and memory. She will know the full Tapestry. On that day? All burdens and debts will be repaid.”

Dexter eyed all of them warily, “With more of her blood? Or would you take her heart instead?! Hasn’t she given enough of her mind? Her SOUL?!” He was tired of keeping secrets from his family. Eliza above all. He saw Lorain Lanis flinch.

He demanded, “Aren’t you vexed more than anyone? Even me?!”

Her blazing green eyes met his gray ones. She shouted, “YES! I wish I could say everything!” Her fists slammed on the table, “Yet I was commanded not to!”

Dexter frowned, opened his mouth to inquire further, she beat him to the punch.

“By whom? The Arbiter of the Arcane Order!”

Dexter shifted to lean in closer, “Who is the Arbiter then? Noah?”

Lorain retorted hotly, “One of them. Eliza is the Arbiter who commanded it.”

An image blazed to life within the room.

An ancient Eliza Murphy glanced up from a silver globe. Her hair was completely gray. Her eyes were bright. No sign of gold within the irises. Just that same steel gray as Dexter’s. Her hands gnarled with advanced age. Knuckles that were covered with old scars. Her back remained strait as she stood. She fixed the gold-rimmed glasses on her head, “Yes. I am the reason. I have always been the reason. Keeping secrets from myself  to save us all.”

The suit she wore was a strange mix. White, silver, and bits of golden armor around the waist and feet. A silver, white and gold sash around her waist rippled. A Defender Belt. Not White. The cape of Old Glory the one familiar sight from her Banner uniform. A giant silver ghost dog sat beside her. She clicked and his head came up, “This is Sentinel. Within these files you will know certain events. You must let them happen. I must become the Arbiter.”

Dexter watched as she activated the spear at her side. It wasn’t the one she currently wielded. Or Matarn’s for that matter. She grinned widely, “I know. It’s a lot to keep track of. Time Travel isn’t my best subject either. That is for the Highest.” It moved as liquid silver. Three points at the end of the spearhead. While the pole was entwined with silver leaves. The butt of the spear held a simple golden imprint. The symbol of the Arcane Order.

An infinity icon.

She continued, “Not only for my sake. But for the sake of us all. The Highest will require much of my body and soul. I will be forged into a weapon yet….” She nodded at Lorain, “I will not succumb to the ultimate deceit if you remain true. Trust the Highest my dear.”

Lorain reached out. Her hand was mere centimeters from Eliza’s face.

She said, “Yet I will not die. I’ll be alone.”

Eliza leaned in, “I do appear advanced but….” A look of disbelief played across Lorain’s features. Doc whispered, “Truly? That is….”

Dexter realized belatedly that Eliza was talking mentally to Doc. White said, “This place is more than just situated in the here and now. That is Eliza as she will be. Reaching across the threads. The Highest picks its moments well.”

Black cleared his throat, “Well then. Let’s weave more of this Tapestry!”

Silver Fox Eliza took a seat, speaking into the relay to Niner, “Take me over to the Library. Let me take a gander at all the Dreaming Lore recorded in this place.” Niner responded with a cheerful, “As you wish Arbiter. It will be quite fun to see you get stuck within the Folds of….”

Eliza murmured, “Yes. 532 times. Yet I need that training. Do it. If not for me then our Boss on High.”

Silver Fox sighed as the power transferred to the training rooms. “Complex: Relay healing array to temporal point 2-89.Alpha. I am gonna need it. Or rather young me…”

Even with her eyes closed, she smiled brightly, “Yes. You can all record the fun.”

Black sprang up from the seat.

At least this would keep his mind off the past or the future.

Lorain frowned, “I could heal….” Her eyes widened as she caught an image of herself in the temporal feed behind Murphy.

“Oh. OH. R'ylaris Ayeer! YOU CORNFED TEASE!”

Silver Fox Murphy opened one eye and winked.

Eliza motioned to Dexter, “It’s rather odd what the Highest will let me get away with. I thank you for putting up with all the Swiss Cheese to the Ends of Tomorrow.” He could feel the truth in her words.

Dexter rolled his shoulders, “I’m gonna go watch current you practice. I might do the same.”

Silver Fox replied, “Just watch out for the Twilight folds. With everything ramping up? A whole metric ton of materials are fusing to become more Living Stone.”

Lorain groaned.

Then began to scan through the data packets being downloaded to her HUD.

Silver Fox reached out to pat Doc’s hand. “I'll be with you every step of the way.”



            I spotted the tomes that Niner indicated. She buzzed around me excitedly, “OH yes! I see. The Dreaming ones of Typha had the basics down pat. But this?” She bobbed around the room as if keyed up on all the caffeine in the universe.

            “This is how you will truly fight and master movement within the Weave! The Layers of Creation!” I peered through the Weave space around the room. Connecting to the Dreaming with relative ease. My right arm froze. Amber coiled about my hand, wrist, and forearm.

            My feet joined soon after.

            This was going to take a while.

            Black flowed around me, stepping lightly through the Dreaming.  As graceful as his Tiger form.“This part is much more powerful. Master this and the regular levels of the Dreaming and Weave Space will be greatly enhanced.”

            I pitched forward. Landing directly on my nose. The amber flowed against my lips.


            I calmed my breathing.

            The vibrations of the area around me sang in unison. I was out of sync.

            I flexed my fingers first. The Amber slowly receded.



            White waited until Lorain left the room. The question burned deep, “Who is Unity? One of the Holy Host?”

            Silver Fox replied, “Much worse.”

            White listened with growing horror.

            That Great Beast continued to slouch towards Eden.

Issue 27: Here

Interlude That Great Beast: Here

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The Uplift Protocol Escape Velocity Issue 27


Issue 27: Battle Scars


            Chronos had frozen them in amber. We had to find a way. No matter the cost to myself.—Eliza Murphy

            I see why we were taken here first. This was what Varn Ayeer was trapped in. The people within the watery expanse of planets. Each was covered by the Amber. Both pristine and polluted all at once.—Lorain Lanis

Many planets along the Path of Ancients made their way into this construct. The Water wasn’t water. It was a barrier. One I had to figure out. Even before we got to the heart of the matter. What Chronos took.— Sleeping In Starlight: Arcane Insights Into Convergence (Vol 1)

Olaru Xana (Outer Shell)

Tri-System of Eden

April 20th, 2116


            I sucked in a breath. The water didn’t budge. No matter how many times I punched. The wound on my thigh was nearly healed. My knuckles were split and bruised.  The barrier showed no cracks. I raised my fist to try one more salvo. My eyes watered from the strain. I knew I was throwing everything I had into this.

            Why wouldn’t it move?!

            Doc’s voice hit on my private channel, <<I don’t think force is the answer. I get the feeling you are taking out more on that barrier than you realize.>>

            I blinked rapidly. I lowered my fist.

            I had been throwing all my physical might at it. How did Chronos get in here?

            White said, <<I’ll be frank, you had to have something safe to punch. You keep things bottled up so much. So we let you cut loose.>>

            I buried my face in my hands, “Then what is required?” Had everyone known I was chasing at windmills?

            Doc sighed, knowing my worries, <<No, the fleet has been recording different frequencies every time you hit the surface. We needed that to figure out where Chronos breached the protective layer. I know you worry but that barrier was made specifically to survive the end of Reality. Based on the readings this thing dates back to before the creation of our Universe.>>

I knelt upon the crystal cover of the barrier. Watching the pristine waters flow around the slumbering planets. On the Amber casings below, I could make out markings.

To protect the past, I grant you safe passage through the waters of….

White croaked out, >>Elysium.<<

I stated the obvious, “So every holy book and myth has a piece of the puzzle?”

Her tiger form materialized. She sat down heavily next to me.

The terror was plain to see.

She said, “Why would the Weave and the Highest allow Chronos to take the Word?”

She paced. Nervous energy flowed from each paw pad. I asked, “Are you sure that Chronos can even understand this Word?” She stopped dead in her tracks. Then buried that massive head of hers into my chest. “That gives me hope.”

Black nudged me with his other paw, “You see sister? Not all is as it appears. Even our memories.” Dexter said, “I wonder what was hidden from you both. We have seen the Fall….”

I responded, “A fall. Not THE fall.”

An image rose from the depths.

Noah thumped his staff against the barrier, “You must find a way.”

I pressed my face to the hardened surface. It sang.

I recoiled from the sheer beauty within the refrain. Not in horror but from the overwhelming sense of peace.

 <<Doc, did your mom happen to leave notes?>>

The other question: How did Chronos breach this. The music alone would have melted his brain. I smacked my forehead. “The embryo within Nyx.”

Noah wrapped the top of my head with his staff. Very gently.

“You’re learning.”

Hidan landed next to me. Unfurled his wings and sang. Images rippled across the surface. I didn’t have the words to describe it. My hand pushed through the surface and the water poured into my mouth as the rest of me was sucked in. Doc’s yellow light dived in after.

The water flowed into my lungs. There was no pain. Just us and the music.

Doc took my hand. My heart soared. Then I felt it. A discordant note. Faint but it kept scrabbling in the background. I followed it to a planet covered in great spheres. They reached up beyond the atmosphere. Covered in amber. A section of the wall was revealed.

The words rearranged themselves.

“These are the planets we were able to save. It is up to our descendants to follow the Path of Truth. See with eyes unclouded.”

Timat said, “We will protect these memories. Unity will not have them. For they are divine.” I rolled my shoulders, “Glad I'll have something to remember.” Even with the memory shrouding of Uplift Protocol, that too was a broken image of Unity’s design, some knowledge wasn’t meant for us. I pressed my palm to the doorway. It pulled us in.

Inside was a marble walkway. Golden statues on both sides. The words weren’t translated. Figures were encased in stasis. The amber sang them into a deep slumber. Unlike the perverted version the Keepers used. Micheal Brookes’ reports had given us a special kind of insight into that living nightmare. I jerked to a halt. The face within the amber was Humanoid.

Doc rested a palm on the stasis field.

“No tricks. We share the same genome.”

I peered beyond the status field. He was wearing similar robes to Noah!

A small white sphere floated towards us. “Greetings. I am 2-7 Niner. Arcane repository matrix for this facility. We welcomed the honored Arbiter and the Lady of the Isles. Follow, please.” The water warmed. My fingers tingled. It flowed over us. An iris opened. Within were two oval chairs. Niner circled them. The infinity symbol blinked to life on the screen before us.

            The words flowed into my brain:

            “In the beginning there was balance….”

The Requilary of Worlds

Creation Cycle (Foundation)

Ouroborous of Life


            Tarkanan Urraden bowed. The selection process had been vigorous. But now he commanded the Shard of Typha’s illumination. To safeguard it from harm was the greatest honor. Behind him, V’lar Ayeer grinned. They had been raised within the sight of the Three. Each man had been blessed with gray eyes of the Highest.  A rare color gifted to Typherians.

Noah’s deep blue eyes twinkled, “I see. Well, I bid you good tidings Shardbearers of Typha.”

            Behind the middle-aged human were the winged ones. Hi’dan and his scholars. The three clans of Angels. Charged by the Weave and Highest to maintain the peace and order of the worlds around them. All flowed equally through the Ouroborous of Life. Regenerating their populations with new growth and births.

It was perfect.


            Lucifer strode towards the main Library. The watchful eyes of the Three stared down. As if to offer council. What did he need of it? It was perplexing. Father had created him and his brothers first. Why did he lavish such attention on these frail mortal upstarts? The J’kua, Typherians, Litari, Bardaxians, the list was enormous. His most prized pet was Humanity and the Markav. So pious. So trusting.

            Even above the Bardaxians and their simple notions of goodness. All of them were flawed. Father persisted with the Tapestry. But was it the right path? The True path? He accessed the Codex. The words flowed over his eyes.

            The divine host protects the lines of magic. Never cross those lines.

            Lucifer paced.

            Curiosity bloomed. What would happen….

            A hand brushed his shoulder. The Twin Rulers of the Sky.

            The female was clothed in white robes. Her face was humanoid. Three golden eyes trailed over his face. A silent regard. Worry bled at the edges. The other swathed in black robes. The golden armor underneath proclaimed his role. Brother Protector to his Sister. They in turn guided the mortals.

            Many pairs had been birthed before the rabble of mortality.

            Always two. A male and a female.

            Each carried the spark. Lucifer mustered a kindly smile, “What can I do for you today?”

            How he wanted to bury his sword into those lesser chests.

            Why had Father imbued them with the divine? Pathetic.


            The image paused. White phased outside of me and sat directly on the floor. Her arms locked around her legs. A rare moment within her human form. I rose from the seat and pulled her into a sisterly embrace. “I know that look.”

            Her true memories were uncoiled. She sobbed openly. Doc joined us.

            Niner added gently, “You think the Highest cruel for hiding these events?”

            White croaked, “No. I do not wish to remember. I asked to forget.”

            The Piper’s cry remained burned upon her soul. He had never hurt her. He had tried to push her out of the way. To prevent the corrupted blade from finding its mark. It had missed that day. Buried itself within his flesh before it hit hers.

            Dooming his spirit to stains it wasn’t meant to bear.

The Jupiter Rising

Crew Wing


            Piper rocked slowly.

The chair was worn. Wooden. Just how he liked it.

            White and Black were finally waking up. His vigil was coming to an end. The shard within him flickered. It wasn’t the same as what Eliza carried. But it was vital nonetheless. The days of Slumber were fading. The Lions of Creation would roar their defiance. Ichabod’s whiskers quivered against his chin. <<Bardax never lost the pulse of the Creator.>>

            Piper ran an index finger over the top of Ichabod’s head. “But we are not alone. We were never alone.” No matter how much the Fallen wished it so. Unity included. Every one bore the spark of creation. Every light no matter how great or small provided the warmth to endure. The Truth rang with the clarion call of the Dawn.


            The relay of the codex stopped. Niner floated toward me, “The rest will be revealed after Convergence. White has what she needs to unlock Black’s memories of the Fall.”

 My thoughts keyed onto the aspect of Twins.

            “For every cycle, there are a set of Twins dubbed the Rulers of the Sky?”

            Niner replied, “Yes. But few remember their role. Or how many cycles since Creation that they have lived through.”

            Doc exclaimed softly, “Di’axi and his family.”

            Niner made a series of tones, “Indeed.”

            An outline of the Ouroborous of Life blinked into existence before us. Twin Silver Circles entwined forever. With three golden eyes at the topmost corner. White pointed, “Their souls are reborn into each cycle.” I narrowed my gaze, “Are my brother and….”

Doc nodded, “All of us. We were there. In another form. In another life.”

Niner said, “Eden is the rebirth of the Original Cycle of Creation. Old souls flow to it as intended. Only Bardax, Humanity, and those you call Icath kept the flame of the Shards alive to re-seed Eden properly. Of those touched by the gift of Morality. Eternal life breeds complications. Complacency. To value life? One must live it. This was why later creations age. Even if you extend your life, no one is eternal. Save for the Creator.”

I asked, “But what of the Markav?”

Niner responded sorrowfully, “Even they succumbed to the Corruption. The False Uplift Protocol. You saw it in your dealings with the Muthra. Your mother’s woes against her people. Thoth’s madness still thrives. Even as Arthon and others combat it. Proctor Gansys and Sul will need your help.”

Doc frowned, “Then why am I in stasis?”

Niner circled Lorain. The matrix core intoned, “Your role requires it. You carry a shard as well. One that the Highest holds dear. “ Doc paced. Her distress was apparent.

I took her into my arms. “We need to take a page from Bardax. Have faith.”

Even when all other lights went out.

I added, “To us? 1000 years is an eternity. For the Creator? Not even a blink. It’s quite daunting to even ponder. Like my Swiss cheese brain? Let’s take one moment at a time.”

She laughed. The sound was brittle yet a spark of good humor rose above it.


            Father Brookes stared into the expanse of the Dreaming. The sky darkened. One blood-red Star manifested. Unity was on the move. Heading towards Eden. When the Golden Eyes of the Divine filled Eliza, the Convergence would be upon them all.

            He knelt and prayed. His mother joined him on the hillside.

            Bel watched. Uncertainty played across her features.

            She was not ready. 

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