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Writing: Be an Amusement Park



Is your wheelhouse starving? MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN!

We can't just sit here and bemoan things. You want more uplifted X Y or Z? Make it.

You want more happy corny couples. Make it.

You want more Superversive Stuff? Make it.

You don't have to go Traditional Routes. You can make it if your desire is strong enough. 

Sheer Wrath is what kick started my Uplift Protocol Journey because I hated what was happening to Superman. I wanted more of myself catered to. Not as a woman or as a conservative. I just wanted my preferences with stories, likeable characters and hope catered to. 1000000%

Its easy to find a sea of GOT, The Boys and Watchmen type stuff: Here

So lets roll up our creative sleeves and offer something else. 

Star Warden: Here

Heroic Fiction: Here

Dark Titan Entertainment: Here

Babylon 5 is a good example of bringing up political matters in a series but not hitting the viewer over the head. Let your readers decide. You can put symbolism and other things in writing without it being a blatant soapbox.  

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The Uplift Protocol: MFE B1 Issue 24


Issue 24: Avalon


                Taleer gave me further reports about the BSL Starjumper. It would have been beyond repair or restoration if it wasn’t for the few Markav Probes and human magic that added to the preservation. Seeing how it went well beyond 1000 years mentioned by the captain. For a while, it was considered a holy prayer site before someone used some Magic to encase it in a field and drop it into the protective currents of the ocean.—From the Archive of Jupiter Rising. Encoded for Protection.

            I don’t know what will happen when Eliza travels to Avalon but I try not to worry. But I can’t help it. Why must she go alone? Di’axi won’t say anything but I have a feeling he’s wrestling with something very personal for the moment. At least his talks with Dexter are getting better. Beyond a simple hello. Or strained silence. Whatever her brother saw there within the Graveyard of Unity opened him up to understanding our Scholar companion a bit more.—Lorain Lanis.

            Avalon. That place had some answers. The thing is: even now, I don’t feel like I have a good understanding of anything Multiversal related. That’s more of my brother’s arena. No, for me: The Truth was stranger than fiction. To know that so many things coalesced around your birth is one thing. To realize just how heavy the weight was? Well as Grandpa Murphy would say. “God gives you the strength you need to lift yourself. Big shoulders help you lift others.  When the footsteps disappear that’s God lifting you when you need it.”—Sleeping in Starlight, a memoir of the 22nd century.

The Tower of London

The Weave

January 1st, 2104


                Within the Weave, I faced the Altar of the Morrigan. Trying to center my mind before removing Excalibur. The ivory pommel had a Lion at the end. With a blue gem shining within. The blade had a simple design, with two lines running up the metal, I could see the Markav words for Light and Balance etched on the surface. Water dripped throughout the cavernous space. The rocks soaked through my jeans as I dropped to my knees. A white haze filled the air. The sword sang out, <<Through the Weave of Space And Time. Carry me to Avalon.>> Water filled my lungs. The sword was strapped to my Defender Belt. I broke the surface. The stars were twinkling brightly. Almost painfully clear against the black of night. I swam for the shore. My eyes picking up an island of white and silver. As I reached the beach a woman with a shimmering silver dress smiled.

            “Welcome Bearer. Your mirror awaits.”

            Queen Guinevere.

            Beyond her, I could see a simple gazebo with three chairs. One was filled. The woman stood. Gave a formal bow, “By Blood and Bone, we Rise Forever.” Her eyes were gray. With the Black of Typha around them. Her uniform was dark green. With two golden eagles on the shoulders. A black sash completed the uniform. She wore no military cap or cover. Her hair was as dark as Lorain’s.

            She raised a black-gloved hand, “To understand the future one must understand the past. I will show you.” She placed her hand along the back of my neck. Her eyes bleeding through to a milky white for a split second. I could see her memory play out within that connection.

Utasa Sector (UEF Universe)

The Nul-Station Prisonhouse

Date Redacted


Captain Eliza Oddessen held her sidearm up.  Her steely gray eyes were unwavering. Each beat of her heart reminded her of her injury. Thoth was cackling. She growled, “By the order of the Throne and the Alliance of Many, you are under arrest for the highest crimes against sapients.” She fired, the beams dissipating as the mad king giggled. “I will find a world much more suited to my talents.” He had a Keeper multi-phase transversal pod clamping down on his forearm. Blood dripped upon the deck as the Weave encased him and pulled him from their universe. Her father, T’homus Odessen ordered his troops, >>Track that signal. Find out where he jumped too. Quickly now!<<

She whirled. Holding her mother in place as General Jennifer Murphy had murder in her eyes. Flashes of lightning rippled under her specialized uniform. Eliza winced at the demi power flowed outward. Jennifer’s expression changed. Her voice was controlled but furious, “Sorry kiddo.” Jennifer slapped a healing nanite pod within her daughter’s injured side. Eliza grimaced. That didn’t stop the fiery American from continuing her tirade.

“ Why did you stop me? I could have short-circuited his device!” The younger woman pointed at the floor. Jennifer’s eyes narrowed. She could see it now. The poison of Unity. His very blood was a conduit. Murphy half hugged her daughter. If she had stepped into that space to deactivate the item her brain would have been mush.

Odessen strode towards his wife, “I know. Believe me.” He kissed her on the crown of her head. Thoth had broken out of the prison made specifically for him. What troubled T’homus the most was: who helped him?

 They had round the clock surveillance.

How did he manage it? His daughter eyed him.

“Father, I cased the area. An echo came back. Somehow Thoth managed to gain access to the outside. Via the First Turning corruption. Someone gave him something from Unity’s domain. The imprint was of animal origin.” She held up a hand and put one on each of her parent’s shoulders.

Giving them access to her senses of clairvoyance.

Her mother muttered, “The Piper.”


            My face turned grim, “No wonder he felt so guilty. But the Piper wasn’t completely at fault.” Odessen nodded. “True but that still doesn't absolve him of his actions. He was a Scholar from our universe. He thought he could resist the corruption of Unity. SO he went to its home universe.”

            I shuddered, remembering what was there. Odessen’s eyes widened as she caught some of my memories. “Rulers, utter insanity. Your brother was right to fear that place as well. Even the Black doesn't have overall dominion within that cursed Weave.” I asked bluntly,  “So why did I have to come here by myself?”

            She rubbed her eyebrow. “I have to apologize. I had to impersonate you while the Ur-Stone was transferring hidden memories and techniques to you.” I frowned, “Why?”

She paced around the small space. Choosing her words carefully.

            They still twisted within my chest like a knife through butter.

            “Because to defeat Unity, the final strike will kill you. There is no way around that. I pretended to be you of a “future” alignment to alleviate fears.” White lashed out, <<There is always a way! I WILL FIND IT!>> I held the silky material in my hands. She was pulsating wildly. Her outraged keening hitting me at the very core.

            The questions left me before I could stop them.

            “Is that why you had to change my body?”

            “Why my brother had to endure so much pain?”

            “For all to live I must die?”

            Odessen continued, “Indeed. For the Multiverse to live, the White Host of the Eden must fall.”

            White hissed, <<I WILL NOT SACRIFICE MORE CHILDREN!>>

            Queen Guinevere interceded, “There may be an alternative. It will require much preparation.” She touched my belt. Murmuring something I couldn’t hear. Even with enhanced senses. She turned to me, “Magic can bridge certain realms but your universe has one that can provide an even bigger conduit. The Orb of Ta’mathon. Eden is the source of all magic across the multiverse.”

            A strange buzzing shot through my brain.

A man in odd clothing appeared. The Queen and Odessen were frozen.

He bowed and exclaimed,” Greetings from A Citizen of the 42nd century. I was given this message to give to you! Just like Captain Cosmos and the Time Weavers! You said you would get that reference. I don’t watch ancient vids much. “ I floated and then took a sitting position.

            “Isn’t there some time travel rules?”

He grinned, “Oh yes! I can only observe.”

He winked.

            Gesturing wildly as he “dropped” a simple paper into my hands.

            I heard someone say, “Which historical temporal stream are you watching? Oh, man! Star at Avalon. Yeah, that’s a big oof for me too….”

            He phased out like he never existed. But the area around me was still paused.

            I picked it up. It was my handwriting. Without a doubt.

I even scanned it dozens of times.

            Dear Me,

            By this time, Odessen Version You probably dropped that bomb and White is going on a tirade. We can’t change certain flows but we can go in-between if you get my drift. Captain Cosmos and the Fountains of Forever. The big brains of the 42nd century of Edenverse would love to exist. I can’t tell you when you will write this letter but I can leave some breadcrumbs. Every light counts. Keep telling White that. Especially after you Awaken. Make connections. Keep going. Death is not the end. It is a doorway we must cross.

            Sincerely Me,

            PS: When Lorain says, “You're Crazy.” Kiss her. That will leave an impression that will get the ball rolling. Trust me. Even if you feel like the Universe’s biggest dork, do it.

            This letter will self destruct in…..

Just kidding.

Don’t say anything. The Temporal Board would have kittens.

If you thought Uplift Memory Shrouding was fierce, this stuff would get many people in trouble. But it's what they call the Murphy Loop Clause. IT wasn’t named after us, more influenced by Murphy’s Law.

The paper phased out soon after.

After a few more heartbeats, time resumed, they were unaware of what just happened.

            White expanded. Swirling around me. Then she nearly encircled my whole body.

            Her sadness was palpable. I nudged her with my empath muscles. Beaming happy thoughts at her. She eventually uncoiled and went back to normal size. I patted her a bit. Realizing she was still ticked off but allowing Odessen to continue.

            “I have asked our current guardian of the Throne to keep looking. We may yet find a way to prevent your death but I thought it better to give you the news straight up. Otherwise, Di’axi and your universe’s grandparents would sit on it forever.”

            That explained a whole lot.

            No wonder Diamonds was so tight-lipped around mother.

They wanted to find a way for me to get out from under after slaying the dragon. That letter’s wording gave me hope though. In-between. That kept sticking out at me. Like magic. There must be something to all that. Connect all the lights. White burrowed through my chest, taking out Excalibur. <<Tell me, what else can humans inflict upon me, besides pain.>>

He didn’t respond for a while.

His voice was gentle, <<There is joy as well. I find no pleasure in remembering each incarnation’s death.>>

            So even if Arthur was the first, he always came back, ready to be the Wielder Across Time. Even if it was with a different body and mind. The spirit remained. Odessen grabbed the hilt, holding the blade above her, letting the moonlight shine down upon it like a lighthouse at the end of time. Her voice was clogged with emotion, “If you do this, you will not only save your family but mine as well. If Eden falls to the enemy, none of our universes will be safe.”

            I saw the wedding ring through her glove. It had an engraving. “For the only woman that matters—LL”

            I managed to say, “Do you have children then?” She nodded.

            “Is Lanis human too?”

            Odessen replied, “Yes. Louis has given me 5 healthy children. 4 boys and 1 girl. All of them smarter than me.” She saw me flinch. With more speed than I realized she had, she scooped me up in a bear hug that nearly outdid my own father’s exploits. I found myself returning the embrace. “I know I can’t ever give Lorain children. Even artificially but does that hold her back somehow?”

            Odessen faced me squarely. She poked my chest for emphasis. “IF there’s one constant it's who we end up with. No matter what. It would kill your Lanis inside if you gave up because of that hurdle.”

            Her lips quirked as she added, “Family is more than blood.”

            White chuckled, <<I’d say go on babysitting duty when your siblings show up.>>

            I let out a hearty laugh, “I plan to.”

            That seemed to perk all of them up. Including the Lady of the Lake. She giggled and took our hands. Leading us to a body of water that had a simple fixture at the center. Rocks would rise as we stepped across the threshold until the artifact that housed Excalibur rose before us. Its Markav markings plain. Mixed with old Earth languages. I placed the sword on the pedestal and watched as the force fields encased it. His voice echoed outward, <<So enthroned until the next Wielder comes. Summoned by Water, Iron, and Flame.>>

            Odessen wasn’t quite done yet.

The area shifted and we were resting upon an old-style gladiator ring. The moon was shining full in the sky. The Queen threw us some spears. Without warning, Odessen moved in. I found myself weighed down. Moving at normal speeds. I could see magical markers keeping me in check. Each strike reverberated through my bones. The movements became familiar. Each mighty strike awakening a muscle memory. I realized that the Ur-Stone was slipping into my thoughts. More and more reflexes and motion assaulted my senses. As everything else faded but the continuing hum of metal upon metal.

            My vision swam.

            One phrase kept surfacing.

            Wield his spear.

            The rain of blows finally abated.

Odessen was grinning from ear to ear. “This will surprise the Typherians of your universe. Keep this in reserve for a while. Granted, the pike is slightly different in your universe but it is a style taught only to House Odessen. It will be seen as a great honor to many when you set foot there.”

She added, “When you greet Y’lansa for the first time as you truly are. As a child of Earth and Typha, say this: The Void carried me far from home but I return this Pike to you.” She handed me a blue cylinder. She made a shaking motion and it reformed. Into a pike with an energy blade at its tip. “This was wielded by her mother. Who fell battling the Void Walkers. Preventing them entry into my home universe. Give her these as well.” It was personal effects. I nodded, “I promise.”

She added, “Only after your other identity is revealed. The Typherian one. Soon your mother will tell you your dual name. Protect Earth first.”

She handed me one more thing: A small silver coin that White immediately plucked from my fingers. White said, <<I’ll hold that.>> Odessen said dryly, “That is for when you finally have Thoth within your grasp. He is from my universe so must be brought back for trial. Use that to summon me. It might bring my parents as well.”

Kent (England)


January 2nd, 2104


Arthur Evans Oakfield waved to his neighbors.

His massive Great Dane trotting alongside him. He was fairly sturdy. Solid six feet. Built like a professional rugby player. His hazel eyes drinking in the sights and smells. His dirty blond hair was in disarray. This place filled his heart with joy. Unlike modern areas of his great isle, this place still held a rustic charm. Reminded him of Old London. Everyone knew everyone else within his township. He ambled up to the local pub and smiled at the barkeep. “Any news on the telly? Besides the same “OH MY! ALIENS!” He was happy for the people of Earth of course but lately troubling dreams had been inserting themselves.

Stone monsters with ruby-hued eyes. A madman with the grin of a devil. It didn't sit well with him at all. Robert, his Dane, growled low in his throat. His body was stiff as he gazed at the bird. It was a ratty little pigeon with beady eyes. Arthur patted his dog on the head. “Easy now. You can chase off those flying nuisances later. I promise.” The tail thumped on the floorboards. Then stilled as another man entered. His white coat bunched up around him. Eyes like lodestones gleamed dully as they scanned the room. He then shuffled to a corner and by the angle of his head, it looked like he was accessing his INet connection.

Robert continued to stare.

He placed a paw on Authur’s arm. Then continued to observe the unknown man. That one’s scent wasn’t the usual of this sleepy town. The dog was certain. He had made a promise. To safeguard his human from the Endless Night. That ghostly white coat had the stink of living stone about him. He worked with the enemy.  The pigeon was just an annoyance to bark at.

The Great Dane sent a prayer to the Weave.

Hoping that it would answer and send guidance.

A crow ousted the pigeon from its roost. It examined the dog.

Tap. Tap Tap Tap.

The Great Dane raised a paw. The other patrons thought he was doing a trick.

The crow cawed and dashed off. Its cries filling the air.

He nosed Arthur again. Laying his head on the human’s arm.

Arthur grinned, “Yes. I will get you some sausages. Spoiled rotten you are.”


The individual continued to examine the target with hooded eyes.

The Spirits bellowed and hung around the British man like a second skin. Here was one touched by fate. The Great Dane by his side would be a problem. Many such dogs were eerily prescient. He linked to his master. The sigil of Set burned on his chest. They would have to move soon. Already so many different forces were gathering. He would be on the winning side in the upcoming war.

The spirits said so. Their chains rattled in his ears.

Singing sweet songs as he continued his holy work.

Many would serve Unity. Willing or otherwise.


Issue 23: Here

Issue 25 : Here

Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Uplift Protocol: MFE B1 Issue 23


Issue 23: Augustus The Wise


                I like riding on Eliza’s shoulders. It makes me feel that I can fly like Cooper. I wonder if I will ever get a belt. What color would it be? I would hope it would be Blue. Little John would be a Red for sure. He’s as feisty as Q’vera or Firecracker.—Augustus Lanis.

            Cooper Murphy, you are assigned by this Council to investigate the link between Bardax and Earth. Their K-9s have developed very interesting quirks. Not all have full awakening but it cannot be a mere chance.—Heals-The-Rifts.

            Ties can run deep. Augustus found that out readily enough while investigating a very important connection between Bardax and Earth. The very foundation of the Stars had walked upon our planet before man had mastered nations. When we still traveled the Earth with Spear and Fire. Gathering what we needed to survive.—Sleeping In Starlight, a memoir of the 22nd century.

Downtown Ashbury, Eliza’s Studio Apartment

USA (Texas)

December 30th, 2103


Auggie’s eyes twitched and his ears lifted as he heard Eliza and Lorain enter the main living room. He leaped from the cozy armchair and danced around them. His voice raised with glee, <<I smell chicken. May I have some? I have been very good. I even let the mailman be without making a peep.>>

He wiggled in front of them. Showing his belly as was proper. It was a tactic that Cooper said would lull the other party into agreement far more often.

Within a second all the groceries were situated on the counter.

His humans looked at each other. Their faces were lost in thought. In Lorain’s case, it was more of quiet happiness. Eliza was still working through things. The Corgi could tell. She had an expression he had seen on Cooper often enough. What to do now that she had the ball. It was interesting to see this on a two-legger’s face. They did that a whole lot now. Lorain scooped up Auggie. His nubby tail wiggled vigorously. <<Please?>> He made sure to plant his ears against his head. Filling his eyes with the smolder that Cooper taught him.

The bird in question was smelling divine. Lemon and pepper.

Auggie loved that combo. Glaive entered as well. His black and tan muzzle turning to the coffee machine. He went on his hind legs and started the cycling process. Barking out, <<Black, Two Sugars.>>

Eliza patted Auggie between his ears, “Don’t you worry. We got a few extra chickens so everyone gets some.”

He let out a happy growl as Lorain scratched his ears. Going for the hard to reach spots.

Glaive sneezed. <<Snoopy can eat a whole turkey by himself. Hope you bought fourths.>>


Cooper landed on the roof. We had a special field set up that made people think it was a pigeon ever so often. We even set up a real bird feeder for the occasional squirrel. Just to sell the illusion. Imagine what people would think if they saw me or Emerald K-9 constantly leaving the premises. What secret identity indeed.

Doc leaned in. “I have plans.”

Oh boy. She brought a finger to her lips. A demure grin forming.  

I grinned, “And what is included I wonder.”

She stuck a carrot in my mouth, “Guess!”

She would make a proper cook of me yet.

I wanted to surprise dad for his birthday next time around with a proper rum cake.

In a flash, I grabbed a gallon of pristine spring water.  

She continued, “If you pay close attention Ill show you some other pointers.”

I nearly choked for my troubles.

Doc loved to tease. She knew she was the only one who could get away with it too.


Glaive still wondered why humans had so many words for the basic rituals of life but it seemed to make them happy. Plus they got him premium black coffee from home and abroad so he gave them their privacy of googly hormone driven expressionism. Reminded him of how absolutely head over heels some species could get in the dating game. Then again he remembered a time when he fathered 5 separate litters of puppies. Most times Bardaxians would mate for life but until they found the one they wanted, to keep their genetics going, many donated material to breed healthy lines of power. Of clear spirit, mind, and body.

Auggie climbed the stairs. The door opened at his barks and he met Cooper on the roof. The corgi’s nose lifted and he could smell the sea. It was a nice place. So close to the shoreline. The Bardaxian put his paw out, <<We have a mission, little cousin.>>

Key West

Florida (North Axis Leyline)

December 30th, 2103


Auggie barked at the seagulls. It was weird being in an area that wasn’t snowing right now. Some were even going barefoot! Cooper joined him for a few minutes. Each kicking up sand as the waves rolled on by. The Historical branch finally found a signal. Now that Earth was included into proper channels. INet and HeroNet were expanding. Guided by Taleer and Highmaker. Behind the curtain they were getting ready. Cooper knew it would be big. He nudged the tan and white corgi. <<We must travel under the waves. I will guide us.>>

Augustus marveled at the underwater kingdom of Earth. He even saw a demi or two battling it out with some sort of half man half octopus. Cooper steered clear. Pining Star in case she had to intercede in some conflicts. At the very heart of what most called the Bermuda Triangle was the signal of that long-missing FTL prototype. It had strayed far from Bardax Prime. Its outer layer was simple. He saw Sir Avalon finishing with his water markers. He stated, <<I will keep this bubble around it. When you are done, I'll bring it to the surface and we will transport it to the Bardaxian Embassy.

Auggie asked, <<How did it get down here?>>

Avalon replied, <<Unknown but if I had to guess, it eventually lost power and entered the atmosphere. Might have to ask a certain neighbor about it. >>

Taleer interjected, <<We are already triangulating the timestamps. Within a few hours, we will hand the data off to Star on her muthra band.We will have her deliver it personally to Glaive.>>

Cooper and Augustus stepped onto the padding of the main airlock. Everything was the proper height on this vessel. Even for someone of the corgi’s stature. In the language of Bardax, the ship’s emergency lights illuminated everything in a faint green glow. They heard Gulliver enter. His webbed feet very noticeable with their weight displacement. He dug through his “Infinite Bag of Holding” as named by Eddie. Presented an old-style fusion energy cube. Cooper read the various signs and caution panels. Finding the correct one he nosed the device into position as the ancient vessel let out a series of signals. The computers came online and for 10 agonizing minutes, nothing of note happened.

Then: “Greetings. Enter the Home dwelling and Region.”

Cooper let out a few sharp barks. “Guards-The-Stars, Primary Dwelling: Verdant Spring. Region: Upper Reaches of Yellow Branch.”

The computer added, “Linking to Current Bardaxian node relays…..Stand By.”

Cooper slotted some other codes into the panel. It was specifically built to accommodate nose presses as if he had human fingers dancing across the screens. Augie trotted over to a display screen and pressed it with his cold wet nose. It illuminated the area with a video message. A face shaped like a Golden Retriever appeared in the pickup. Augustus knew that Bardaxians had other names for their bloodlines but this was easier for him to understand for now.

“I am Chases- the- Endless- Dream. Captain of Bardax Prime Space Force. This may be our final resting place. We have found other life here on this planet. We have no way of getting home. But we will make our mark nonetheless.”


Dream barked out, <<Prepare for geosynchronous orbital stasis!>> His crew of 106 brave souls strapped in. The sphere on the HUD gleamed within the carpet of stars. It was an inviting blue and green mixup. There were no technical signals from the system they had entered. He got some strange feedback from a few planets in the system but they had the same markings as Holy Sites near Bardax orbit. This place slumbered with the touch of Olam as well. His ears perked forward as the vessel BSL Starjumper performed expert maneuvering to slot itself within the pull of the planet below. His 2nd added, <<There are indications of intelligent life here. Very early development! We will have to take the shuttle planetside to find out more!>>

Dream considered this very seriously. The Forgers and Typherians had rules for this sort of situation. He turned to regard his head security officer.


The massive Bardaxian lowered his head. His amber eyes gleaming. <<These scans indicate they have some like us on this planet. Perhaps a long lost colony?>> In their quest to reach the cosmos the Bardaxians had never found anyone else quite like them within the Universe. This was exciting! He gathered up the rest of his team. There was work to be done.


Cooper and Gulliver joined their friend. The German Shepherd eyed the initial recordings. <<SO that is why they ignored initial Uplift Protocol. They thought Earth was a lost colony. IT was. But they had no idea. At that time we had only found the first of many Scholar artifacts and teachings.>>

Gulliver remained silent.

The Royal Ummatosh Bird had found this place first.

But he wanted Augie and Cooper to develop their opinions without his input.

His belt rippled, <<It may come down to the simple bonds that Bardax forges with everyone.>>


Hunts-In-Darkness approached the pack quietly. They had been on the surface for a few weeks now. Their ship was still serviceable. It would last 1000 years with the proper maintenance. They harvested what they could from the planet. It had an ecosystem that was compatible with their diets. Thank goodness for that. The Captain had chosen him to approach their silent cousins first. Since he looked most like them. Their fur was a mix of brown, white, greys, tans, and blacks. Some even solid color combinations.  He let out a firm command, <<Hail Brothers and Sisters! Hail to you!>> The lead one, almost as big as Hunts, approached. His scruff standing on end.

No mental voice commands even this close.

 It was a force of habit to speak through his collar and sub-vocally at the same time.

A sudden noise caused them all to scatter. Heavy footfalls and guttural language greeted the Bardaxian. He saw a tiny two-legged thing pick up a bit of bone from the carcass nearby. From the smell of it, she was a young one, not yet old enough to be on her own. A boy joined her. They looked kind of like Typherians but the eyes were all wrong. Plus the heavy furs indicated their tech level. He raised his nose in the air and tracked them back to their camp. He waited a while. Mainly to record their language and exited. Leaving no trace of their passing.

Near the fire.

 An old man of 55 winters stood. His eyes tracking the great black wolf’s movements. He had sensed no hostility in the creature. Just a calming assurance. Very unlike any lupine the man had ever encountered before. He motioned to his Children. He would go on a walkabout. To find the great spirit of that beast. He placed the runes around his bedding. His family would wait while he traveled the Currents. Seeking the wolf-brother within the gloom.


Augustus exclaimed, <<The Humans used the Weave to find the Bardaxians! They helped the humans fight the bad things. Strange stone creatures.>> Cooper agreed. Based on the reports, even though humanity was young, even then their magic had been strong. Shamans from every tribe of early man called the living stone, “The Endless Night.” Gulliver knew them as Soul Stealers. They came from a dead universe that was nearly stripped clean by Unity. Some had found their way via old Hegemony or Scholar Gates. Even though Di’axi and others worked hard to shut all of them off, to trap Unity corruption behind the stopgap, hideous things still found a way to breach into the prime universe.

Auggie entered some of the rear compartments. They still had other personal effects within. So many pictures. So much history. He’d come back to this place one day. Cooper shouted, <<LOOK!>> Lanis raced back to the bridge. Seeing more records on display.


Hunts-In-Darkness howled. His son ran over. His paws were still bigger than the rest of him. <<Da! Mom is hungry again. Old Grim wants to hunt. Says the Endless Night may come.>>

After 8 years here, most of the Bardaxian crew had intermingled with the Humans of Bright Ridge Clan. They were in a battle for the soul of Earth. They said the Sky Rocks gave them special insight. Chases-The-Endless–Dream knew better. They were Markav Probes. Something here within this solar system was much more advanced than even their tech. The Typherians had only given them a basic rundown. Since as far as the Captain knew, Bardax was still in phase 1 of the Uplift Protocol. The Golden Retriever sighed. All in all, it wasn’t a bad life but he missed certain kinds of drinks.

Darkness’s mate, Barks-At-The-Foe, could clearly understand and receive Bardaxian speech but she couldn’t form the words properly. He didn’t care. He loved her dearly. His world rose and set on his mate and son. Soon there would be more. At 65, the old shaman, Grim was nearing the end of his cycle. This place was important. There was energy here that had to be protected. Their cousins, named wolves on this planet, would live longer lives than the rest of their kin on other parts of the landmass.

Bardax didn’t have the prolong of the Forgers just yet but they could expect to live up to 150 cycles. They would bring peace to this place. Protect the fountain of Life from the Unity. That corruption they knew all too well. It had never been able to gain much of a foothold on Bardax but they knew it was a battle being waged around the whole Universe. To the very heart of the Ouroborous itself. From what the captain could glean from the myths of this place and their cousins: They had chased the Living Stone from the Weave around the Lands of Aden. Broken from the heart of Man. To be the ears and eyes. They could see the Endless Night. But they feared man as well. For it could be corrupted by the Living Stone. Plus some were more vulnerable to the Eternal Hunger of Unity.

Like the Dark Shamans of the Screaming Flame Clan.

They would bring more of their 4 footed cousins into the fold. Teach them to be wise. To multiply. Protectors of the peace. Valiant in War. For a conflict was coming. The Bardaxian was certain of it. Chases-The-Endless-Dream turned as his human walked over. The official name was “Good Boy.”

They would pass their songs to their children. He hoped the Markav would preserve his ship. Help it find its way home. So everyone would know.

He howled along with the humans and his packmates.

No matter what. The flame of life would burn brightly.


I looked at the data. Cooper’s investigation added another wrinkle to the Uplift arena. Bardax had found us, against incredible odds, to land here. The crew of 106 had co-mingled with the wolf ancestor. Thus changing the course of history.  Had it been a fluke? Or were our dogs just a step or two behind ancient bardaxians? Based on what Cooper said it was a mix of both. To combat Unity, life akin to Bardax had developed naturally on the surface of our planet. That is what White believed. Our 4 footed Allies were impervious to the dreaded corrupting influence.

Today we find out what is within the stars. Fellow Bardaxians, I will sail the sea and bring back the light of wonder. This is not just one step for 4 footed-kind but a giant leap for everyone we will ever meet.—Chases-The-Endless-Dream. Captain of the BSL Starjumper.

            I flipped through the ancient drives. Adding every bit of information to Jupiters’ databases. She would be able to replicate anything we needed from those long lost records. The originals we would take back to Bardax. This was a vital part of their spacefaring history. Not just humanity’s.

            We traveled to the original site of the shuttle. Finding the remains of those first bonds.

            They did form a family.

A clan that combated their dark foes with as much courage as anyone could see even in modern days like this. I knelt. The images of the original crew of the BSL Starjumper materialized. They had indeed multiplied. Their ship even had artificial incubators to assist in population growth. Cooper told me that children were a very important aspect of their culture. A Bardaxian’s status was partially built on the size of the clan. Millions of our K-9s had some spark of Bardax within them.

Augustus shouted, <<I found their original collars!>>

Arrayed in a star-shaped pattern was a perfectly preserved burial site.

            At the header, carved in stone: “By the grace of Life and Sun, we have found this land to be fruitful. May The Alliance of Dog, Bardaxian, and Man Endure. As Long as Life along the Ouroborous Endures. The Wall Stands with Earth and all her kin.”


Augustus sniffed at the ground. Wondering about this Legacy. He sat at Darkness’s gravesite. The old Bardaxian had fathered 12 children. Each of those had gone on to have dozens of their own. A piece of metal shot out and floated before his eyes. Eliza was there in an instant. Ready to catch the sliver of metal. It was a spearhead made of Bardaxian metal. She reached out and clasped it. Auggie barked and it jumped from her hand, resting in front of his eyes once more.

            Cooper dashed over and exclaimed, <<COUSIN! You have the rare art of Telekinesis!>> The corgi spun until he was dizzy and had to sit.

<<I do?!>> His voice was laced with excitement.

            The Green Defender nodded. <<That is a practice rune. Carved from the Shamans of Bright Ridge Clan. As a symbol of their devotion and alliance to Bardax. Keep it, brother. With our blessings.>>

Auggie headbutted Eliza’s legs. <<Can I join the Golden Redeemers too?>> She lifted Augustus over her head. Smiling.

            “Of course you can. I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

            His nub of a tail vibrated, <<YAY! I will have more names!>>

            Cooper sat. His chest puffed out.

            His clan was strong too.

            He howled until his throat was raw.

            He would remember their names.


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