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Building Momentum!

Twitter might outnumber overall reader and writer numbers but I still find valuable insight there.

  • Have all your social media nets lead back to your main source of writer income/shelf. 
  • Set up a simple mailing list but dont have it pop up first thing when a reader hits your home page. Have it off to the side, near the top part, maybe near your own e-mail. 
  • So readers see your books front and center first.
  • Use that extra title space in your book listings to make a subject title of storts: Spaceman: A Hard Sci-fi Space Opera. Or Westward: A Weird West Cthulhu Adventure.
  • Twitter can be a mega phone of storts but like any social media, some stuff will get drown out by the overall crowd. 
When I find a book I like, or a series, or a writer: I go looking for....

  • A website, A blog. Something that is a central hub for your work. 
  • Building Mailing Lists: Here 
  • Find like minded writers, or genre specific writers, network. Usually fans will be interacting with them so its like putting a search light out. Not always writing circles. Where do your potential readers usually mingle.  
  • You yourself are a resource: Where and how do you find books? That's how you will start finding an audience. Do some polls, ask other people how they discover books and other forms of entertainment. Is it word of mouth? Facebook ads? Ect. 
Now to go help the grandma with her shopping, will add more stuff later. :D 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Terran Alliance Technology and Cosmic Territories

"We all rise together or not at all."

-From the opening lines of the Western Alliance Protocol declaration of Earth Principles.  Circa 1940.

"When anyone looks at a demi, what is the first thought I wonder? I hope it is the better angels of our hearts that leads most of them, otherwise what is the point of Life? Especially one filled with wonders."- Gen. Lee Timms, US Army.

US Army Battlesuits: (Eventually incorporated into the mainline for T.A Use)

  • Instrumental in the Defense of Union Hall during the 45th World's Fair.
  • Eventually converted for Space Use as well.

Low Orbit/Atmo Ships and Vehicles:

  • Can survive vacuum for up to a day. 
  • Most are equipped with an auto pilot system to secure safe passage. (Backups insure that common hackers cannot mess with such systems.)
Scout Ships of the T.A

  • Patrol for Pirates and other Demis that decide to break the laws of Earth. 
  • From the size of Old Earth Jet Fighters to US Aircraft Carriers, these ships were built for speed above everything else. 
  • North American Division: currently is tasked with monitoring Earth's Oceans. While the Greater Israeli Compact defends the Skies. 
  • The Pacific Endurance Pact: Command the Networks guarding the immediate space around Earth.
  • The Free Masons Guild guards the various Power Plants regulating Earth's biosphere.
  • While the Terran Alliance Military Hub, formed from the Cradle of Humanity*, manufacturers the goods needed to defend sol and her colonies.

Notes from Sul'Sandra:

  • Update all Atlantian Access Points. Begin Early Bird Project. 
  • Thoth may try to sabotage more T.A. efforts. We must protect Earth and her people. 
  • Plant information for demi code-named "Rosetta Stone." We must prepare them for the battles ahead.
All this was done to promote trust and cooperation between the various govts of Earth. A vital mission for her defense.


  • Mid range ships designed to back up the scouts. Usually arranged near TA habitat Rings and other vital facilities.
Ships of the Wall:

  • The main bulk of the Terran Alliance Fleet.
  • Endeavor Class Dreadnoughts. 
Luna City:

A joint NASA, TA and US research facility on the Moon. Primarily set up to study the Ur Stone.

Extra Solar Colony:

Humanity is currently developing FLT. For the moment they use the Gate near Mars to travel between Sol and their budding colony of Alpha Centauri, circa 2078. Planetary body renamed Trinity. Main City is called New Horizons.

Known Gate within Sol:

  • Was originally thought to be one of Mars' Moons: Deimos.  It is currently listed as being over 8 billion years old. Most of humanity thinks its from a precursor civilization they dubbed the Dwellers. 
Main Hub: Here

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How I see blurbs!

Ok, so when I am shopping for a book to read:


Most times I don't need to know what the story is about per say. I am a genre reader. I know what tropes I want. So plaster that on your Blurb!

Lets see: An example.

What I key'd on. A underdog captain has to prove herself and get her crew home safe. Plus they made her mad. I am a sucker for the good guys knock out the baddies in the end. Weber's later books get verrrrry huge in terms of details and characters but those early books....cant go wrong.

Cause in Mil Sci Fi:

  • Love the Underdog trope to Kickass Protag aspect
  • This area is where I expect more give/take with the protags, like in the end, all these various groups form together to take down the big bad.
Superhero Prose:

  • I lean more optimistic as a bias. I'd rather have a superman knock off vs a watchmen knock off.
  • If it has ID politics or Marvel Civil War type stuff, that's an automatic turn off. 
  • Protags who want to be superheroes. Unless its written well, I don't find as much fun with a passive and/or reluctant super. 
  • I will give something more of a chance, even if its more like "realism grit" marvel if it has tons of space aspects like GOTG DNA version or Green Lantern kinda setup.
Space Opera:

  • New Worlds to explore. Utopian Earth. I want to forget the 24 hr news cycle so if your stuff has that in it, Ill be much less likely to get it. 
  • Men and Women working together. I hate it when things go Anita Blake and everything becomes the "my way or the highway" sorta mindset.
  • FLT, Star Ships, Star Ocean, the pulps, Rayguns everywhere!

Its why I'm making the cast pages and timeline thing. Its like an appendix for lore people like myself but its gonna be in the back of the books. So the main narrative remains snappy.

But back to more blurbs. Most whale readers like me watch lots of shows too. So if you have to, mention on your book, This is like Babylon 5, or Farscape x New BSG or DS9 meets Flash Gordon. That sort of thing. Whatever is really really big in your genre that fits the themes of your book the best.

I may hate Watchmen but some will auto pick the book if it says: This is watchmen meets warhammer 40k on steroids. You have to know what kind of audience you want to give french fries to.

  • Make the blurb, short sweet and to the point.
  • Add its like X Y or Z. To the genre reader, we will usually know what that means almost instantly.
  • Mention KEYWORDS vital  to your genre and audience. Is it sword and planet, go for the Barsoom References! Is it Space Opera? Go for the intergalactic references or a team against the stars! FTL, planets galore, high stakes battles, lazer swords! BIG EVIL BADGUYS! Ham that up. 
  • Ancient artifacts or  dead races! 
Mil Sci Fi meets Space Opera usually keys in on the epic Battle unfolding!

In that aspect, it serves the genre. Build up that Star Wars type Word Scroll.

Guess the biggest thing:

  • Look at blurbs in your genre. What do you key in on when reading them?
  • See what other genre enthusiasts read. Ask them. Are they one shot people or do they go for trilogies and series?
Cause I am just one reader with my own ideas of what I love.

Blurbs Used:

Honor Harrington: Here
Scout Series: Here
Galaxy Ascendant:  Here

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Earth Timeline: Uplift Protocol

OBSERVATIONS OF A PALE BLUE DOT: Compiled by Forger, Typherian and Markav sources.

First Demis recorded to Mankind:

  • Egyptian 
  • Roman
  • Greek
These demis filled the ages with songs of glory and dread. Thought to be the children of gods. In fact, the word demi, from demi-gods, was coined to cover many aspects displayed by those possessing powers.

At'lan Monitoring Net: Thoth and his allies took advantage of developing civilizations over the years. Even causing the direct downfall of Pompeii. The burning of Alexandria. Other horrors were attributed to Ishtar, to which many humans retained a primal fear, thus naming the Keeper as a god of destruction. Chronos was a known quantity as an Aztec god: Xolotl

///Accessing Modern Earth Events for Review///

  • 1915: WWI (Order of Arkax vs the Inner Eye, Thoth's Cultists)
  • 1930: WW2(Allies vs the Iron Order) 
  • 1940: Western Alliance Protocol established.
  • 1942: The Accord War (W.A.P Demis vs the Fuehrer's Men.) 
  • 1947: Roswell Incident *
*Expanded: Use extreme caution. Keeper Agent incognito. Further notation: Keeper Craft damaged. Currently in the possession of the Throne Breaker. Based on initial reports, Thoth incapacitated W.A.P troops securing the crash site then secured the scout craft for himself. Response time of Keepers prevented the traitor from executing the soldiers. Unfortunately they were "abducted". Made to serve Chronos.

While Thoth is able to hide it from the Keepers, our updated arrays via Horus have allowed us to keep tabs on his "prize."

  • 1960: Ur Stone enters the Solar System.  *At'lan sensor arrays, with the assistance of Highmaker, scan the celestial object as it passes through Uranus. Makeup of Object revealed to be of Non-Keeper Origin. 
  • 1965: W.A.P Research Base established on the Dark Side of the Moon
  • 1970: First Stage Human Prolong unlocked. Physical Aging stops between 40 to 50 Earth Standard. Life Range: 250 cycles.
  • 1990: Second Stage Prolong unlocked. Physical Aging stops between 30-40 ES. LR: 300
  • 2020: Third Stage Prolong unlocked. Physical Aging stops between 24-30 ES. LF: 325
  • 2030: USA Military Instillation established Near Neptune(Dubbed Heart of Heaven) 
  • ////Compiling Further Events....Please Stand By.
  • ////
  • ////
  • ////
Sul' Sandra's Remarks:

Not all is lost. Even with the damage our adversaries have caused, Atlantis has not been idle, humanity might seem like formless clay for the Void Walkers, but within beats the hearts of heroes. Thoth only sees puppets.

The shining Pyramids of Egypt guard precious energy sources not yet understood by Markav tech. While across the Seas, within the United States, the Mavericks face down Fate itself. Some of these demis have powers even my people never encountered. Horus feels that this aspect is important. More to Earth then even our own scientists predicted.

The Iron Empire Oracles:

  • It is known that the Iron Hammer of Berlin had Keeper Allies. They performed horrendous experiments. He believed they were a gift from god, a sign that his quest was a righteous one. 
  • What they didnt realize, from those experiments many Demis were born. When the Allies finally broke through to the prisons, many Germans and Jews considered "rejected samples" joined. Formed their own nation. 
  • The notorious head scientist of the Iron Empire: Dr. Marksman, was never found. 

Demi Teams of Accord Wars (1940s)

  • The Fire Brigade 
  • The Ivory Bells
  • The Marked Men.

The Ur Stone: (Data still being compiled, please stand by.)

Main Hub: Here

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Uplift Protocol: Issue 5

Issue 5: Dreaming in Starlight

“Humanity has a rather colorful history. But what planet doesn’t? This unit can list the endless conflicts across multiple universes. Many places have individuals with powers. I find their Demis rather entertaining. Even the ones with minor abilities. It appears that most choose the noble path of the protector. No matter the odds.” ---From the Archives of Observations, Forger Requilary Analytical Maxtrix 0187 Alpha, Codenamed Horus.
“Ambassador, I wish to initiate contact with your daughter. This unit will refrain from mentioning sensitive material. Unless it is to Arthon, your mate, or yourself. Is this sufficient? Besides, she is already aware of Bardaxians. I will notify you if the Ur Stone does anything noteworthy.”-Directive “Freedom Bird” Activated. Per the Typherian Embassy’s Request.

High Earth Orbit
F.R.A.M Insertion
January 2nd, 1805

            From this vantage point, the Forger probe analyzed everything it could see. From the various movements of low energy ships sailing upon blue waters to the numerous craters detected deep within the vast oceans.  For days, it hung there, a silent yet curious orb. The fire of the stars reflecting upon its outer shell. Earth was a very interesting planet. Littered with secrets even its native population had only the barest inkling of.

///Accessing: Markav Nanonet and architecture detected. Forger High Council suggests caution. Earth Sol system shows signs of extensive terraforming and alterations.///

Eventually, it perceived another intelligence. A resonance that sparked a feeling of home in the probe. It reached out to the other entity. It’s normally golden iris turned red as the flow of data commenced.
<<Greetings from beyond Utasa Sector! Forger Homeworld outreach received. Initiate download/upload of current multiversal informational indexes.>>

Highmaker flooded the F.R.A.M with various images and notifications since the Fall. For his part, the Markav caretaker was giddy with excitement. Finally! Taleer would be pleased with this development. The Forger AI continued:
<<AH! Organic Controller Personality matrix detected. Awaiting clearance from FHC. No wonder this system was properly protected from further Keeper harm. Accessing….please stand by.>>

Forger High Council
Multiversal Monitoring Station, Mishi Sector
January 2nd, 1805 (119 AFC)

            Four robed figures gazed up in unison. Bright holographic multiphasic displays illuminated the small chamber. The oldest one, over 12 feet in height, spoke for the rest: “Speak honored traveler, what is it you wish?”

            <<Contact with Markav Aden Colony confirmed! Unfortunately Keeper interference also present. Please advise?>>

            While expected, the gathered elders still found themselves performing the Rite of Clarity, crossing their arms over their chests, solemnly intoning: “The Wall Endures!” To the F.R.A.M awaiting orders, all spoke in unison, “Assist the Highmaker of Aden uv Illarium. What was once dead must arise from the ashes of Time. Choose your designation young traveler.”

Highmaker and by extension, Taleer waited for the probe to relay the rest of its uplinks, feeling in their bones that the Forgers would heed their call. Family was more than blood. All those Uplifted knew this. The silver-white probe’s iris opened even wider. It’s voice carried along the ancient network with the words spoken since the beginning of all time, <<By the Will of the Ouroboros! Embraced by the Wisdom of the Scholars!>>

Information filled to the bursting point within the Markav caretaker’s neural networks and security nets. Taleer could feel the soothing rhythm of the Forger nano-nets come online. Their chatter filled his heart with joy. No longer a lonely vigil. The vastness was no longer a vacuum in the void but filled with the light of Harmony. Even the Forgers weren’t alone. A cacophony of new voices filled the space between the stars.  Typherian. Litari. Bardaxian. All those who were young when the Markav were at their apex across the multiverse. Now themselves partial masters of the Weave. A rabid set of chimes knocked Highmaker out of his euphoria. Taleer also felt a twinge of embarrassment. Where were their manners?

Their companion spun rapidly in place. Then exclaimed, <<This unit is designate Horus. By the will of the Makers and the Wall. I will assist in safeguarding this system and its inhabitants. Even those who slumber. The will of Life endures.>> Horus gazed down at the stark beauty of Earth. Soon many dreamers would awaken. 

Muthra Sector
March 8th, 1965 

            Horus floated silently next to Tivus. The Atlantian’s nanite arm glimmering in the semi-darkness of the Medical Ward. He was rapidly pacing back and forth. A look of concern on his face. Within the birthing chambers, his wife was in the final stages of delivery. Based on the bioindicators he was assured of her safety and that of his baby. That still did not ease the knot in his chest. He continued to pace. Each footfall in time with the jaunty tune Horus was emitting. It was a surface dweller song about “it’s a small world after all.”  Tivus head snapped up as the doorway hissed opened. 

A dark-skinned lanky man approached. His white doctor’s coat was rumpled in places but the seal was firm. He removed his protective masking unit. Proctor Gansis gave him a pleased and welcoming smile. His medical H.U.D glowing with a faint blue under the sector lights.

            “A son for a warrior of Atlantis.” He waved the muthra inside. His wife was cocooned within the webs. Fast asleep. The crib next to her held something just as precious. The baby gave a faint cry as Tivus gently swaddled the infant. Faint cries abated as his father rocked him. Horus peered over Tivus’ shoulder. 

<<Inquisitive: Does the young one have a designation yet?>>

After a moment, Tivus answered: “Nuul. In our language  it means Gift.”

He went over to his wife. Gave her a tender kiss on the forehead. 

“There is no greater magic in this life or the next.” 

Horus wasn’t quite sure of this statement. As a AI, he had yet to understand the deeper mysteries of the universe. Tivus seemed very reassured by his company though. Highmaker relayed a message: ///Guard this bloodline with everything you have Horus. The one who slumbers must awaken. Nuul will be the next step.///

Tivus wondered at the Forger probe. 

“A…what was it, Penny for your thoughts my friend.” The muthra held out his hand, the left one, its metallic surface pulsating in sync with the lights around them. Horus exteneded a claw from his front compartment. Shook his comrade’s hand. <<An agreement: What humans call godfather. Yes?>> Tivus smiled warmly. “Of course. Til the end of all days.” Lets hope they never arrive, he thought. 

The Lady watched from the most inner sanctum of Atlantis. The sector lettering listing it as “Command and Control.” A chime made her look to the vidscreen on the command chair. The Light of Emris was checking in. 

All Systems Normal.

That ship’s AI was very basic. Purposely designed that way. Easier to hide. Unlike M.H.S. At’lan-TI-S, it had the luxury of size and Scholar tech to hide it from most prying eyes. At’lan, the Ever-Lasting. That’s what Atlantis was truly named for. What the common citizens didn’t know. Markav Hermegony Starship. TI class. Terraformer. 

Its purpose: rebuilding the Last Bastion. Illarium. 

What Earthers dubbed Mars. 

Sadly accurate. Losing their planet to war. Her mouth firmed. Fire burned in her eyes.
She would heal her people. The slumbering one would lead the way. Unlocking the final gate for rebirth. Thoth and his allies might have the upper hand now but they had yet to master time. That purview was the will of the Scholars. Outside of all reality. Beyond even the most advanced Forger or Markav tech. Soon the Ouroboros would swallow Thoth and his Betrayer allies whole. 

The old markav healer leaned back in the ancient chair. Its subliminal hum pulsating through her bones. It's almost as old as me, she thought wryly. She let down the concealment net within her amulet. Touched her real face for the first time in many years. Brown skin, 4 fingers. Green within green eyes. She tapped a pad in front of her. “At’lan, display Easter Island. Check all stations.” The landmarks in question popped up rapidly. Every hidden cache reported nominal activity. 

Thoth found some planted areas. Too arrogant to think that she wouldn’t update Muthra security measures. Even in his last days within the ship, he always gave off an aura of knowing all and better, so she used that against him. She played up the idea that she was just a healer. An old mother with too much age behind her. Senile. She bared her teeth with a snarl on her lips.

I’ll show you who's senile. You bastard. She would set things right. For Taleer. She owed her brother that much. She was the last. The final Admiral of the Markav fleet. She would find a solution. No matter the personal cost.

More Gems!

Another fun list of things to remember to stagger for this payday, May and whatnot beyond!

 A bit of sci fi, a bit of cyberpunk, a bit of fantasy, its all good!

There's still so much fun stuff coming out, virus or no virus, I am gonna do my best to read it all!

This stuff is just the most immediate.

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The Cast: Uplift Protocol Part Two

Terran Alliance/Allies:

Jennifer Murphy: Wife and Mother.

Thomas' current wife. They have one daughter so far, Eliza. While most of the Murphy clan was exited with the new union, Anna, his ex-wife, sees this new development as further proof that her former husband was duplicitous from the start.

Jennifer pities Anna. She only wishes to build bridges with Jacob and Samantha. Eliza's half siblings. Children shouldn't be hurt by whatever grievances adults have with one another.
  • Eleanore Murphy, Thomas' mother, esp. loves the newest additions to the Murphy Household.
  • As of 2096, a mother of two. Zachary Abraham Murphy. 
Role as Typherian Ambassador to Area 51:

  • As one of the Council of 5 races, her vote carries more weight, especially with regards to adding additional procedures or exceptions for Uplift. Unless its her own daughter. Most on the Council believe that her own biases wouldn't help the situation. Often those Choices fall to another. Not within her family. Sadly, he is far too consumed with the overall state of the Multiverse and the care of the "throne" keeper to care about a planet called Earth.
  • File Partially Decrypted for Eligible Parties: Information Hub

Ambassador Iresh, Litari Federation

  • Her son, Ritark, somehow got himself stuck on the Human side of Area 51. Thus exposing the young one to great danger. She gifted Eliza with a Litari necklace, that promotes deeper sleep in the user. With the airy delights of music of her homeworld. 

Eliza Murphy: Captain of the Terran Alliance Star Ship "Jupiter Rising."

  • Civilian Captain. The Jupiter is "officially" Earth tech. 
  • Attached to NASAs FLT/Jumpstart Program.
  • As of 2103: Typherian Military Rank: 1st Service Lt in the Forward Recon Corps
  • J'ino's notification: Dr. Lanis File attached. Her particular demi ability earned a reprieve from restrictions. Our own Science Council is especially interested. The full medical file is quite disturbing. (* Case File: 1299, Here.)
Mr Apple: 

  • Has the Appearance of the Holovid Star of Captain Cosmos and the Planetary Defenders.
  • Most times he appears to offer advice or to bring her attention to something.
  • Can override some aspects of memory alteration. 
  • Many events have come to light since the advent of 2103.   

Cooper aka Guards-The-Stars: Security Officer of the Jupiter Rising.

  • Bearer of the Green Defender Belt. Powered by the Faith of the User.
  • Favorite Earth Foods, besides chicken: Bacon. 
  • The more names he collects, the more fun he has. To a Bardaxian, additional names are a badge of honor.  
  • Considers Augustus a member of his extended family.  

Arthon: Assigned as First Officer to the Jupiter Rising.

  • Actively searching for a way to free the Sleepers from Void Walker Control
  • Teaching Eliza basic Muthra Symbology and Tech.
  • Has a personal stake with the Sleeper Issue. 
  • Demi ID: Light-Bearer

Lorain Lanis: Medical Officer of the Jupiter Rising

  • Also holds the rank of First Lt. in the Terran Alliance Combat Medical Corps.
  • Eliza will often remark that Lorain is the Doctor Sawsmith to her Captain Cosmos. Cooper likes this idea. Although he has no idea what Lorain means by, "Stop testing fate you giant brick!" Since he has seen Eliza, in her Demi capacity fly through things worse then bricks.
  • The crew is currently bonding over old earth movies. 
  • Demi ID: Doctor Impossible
  • Has known Eliza and Eddie since middle school. While her own powers awakened during the "Battle of New Ashbury" she was unaware of Eliza's skills until that moment. 
  • Outwardly she can be a bit prickly, like her mother, but underneath she genuinely cares for her friends. 
  • While her powers are rather robust in the healing department, currently it isn't known what the extent of her ability is. 
Augustus aka Augie, the Lanis family Corgi:

He is currently 12 years old. Most prolong for dogs last into the 40s or 50s now. So when someone makes a commitment, its for a solid chunk of life. Cooper often grabs extra slices of bacon for his Earth bound compatriot.
  • What most don't know, Cooper injected Augie with a serum that extends his life even further then what is possible by Terran standards. Plus he's somewhat more durable. Not to Eliza's level but far more then a normal K-9.
  • Augie was involved with a notable incident with a "Prom" cake at Eliza's school. Eddie rarely discusses it with Eliza or Lorain. In fact, it was one of the most perplexing things that happened to him during his high school career of oddities. 
  • Often sleeps curled around Lorain's head. Pillows are especially useful to him.

Jonas "Eddie" Olsten: Reporter.

  • Attached to the Jupiter as a Terran Alliance Reporter. 
  • Has known Eliza since grade school. Both are US Army brats that grew up in close proximity because their fathers, while in different branches, ended up in Project Osiris. 
  • In a very real way, provided Eliza the support she needed while growing up, as a friend and additional brother when various family crisis arose with Anna. Would often meet up with Jacob at the local youth center to help the older Murphy brother pass on notes or birthday gifts to his sister. 
  • Demi Ability: Unveiling///Drawn to Hidden Things, the more obscure, the more he is drawn in. As Eliza would often remark, "He rolls a natural 20 at spot hidden." This ability would also prove to be vital for Earth's advancements. So when the first FTL capable ship was commissioned, he was priority shifted to its crew. 

General Patrick Whitehouse

Still attached to US Cent Com and the Terran Alliance. In his younger days was a part of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. Considers anyone under 50 standard to still be wet behind the ears.

  • Assigned to Jupiter Rising to offer advice and battle hardened experience. Has a soft spot for scotch and German Shepherds. Helps to coordinate ground and space missions for the Golden Redeemers. 
  • First Gen Prolog so he looks like he's in his 50s. Born: 1935. Right before the Battle of New Orleans.
  • Favorite Bellow: "OLSTEN!" 

The Jupiter Rising: 



  • Serial Number: USTA SS 229 Alpha (United States Terran Alliance Star Ship)
  • Weapon Loadout:Classified
  • TA FTL Protocol: Dweller Gates (Terran and Uplifted)
  • For Approved Access only: Ships Layout and additional information Here

Horus:  F.R.A.M in operation around Earth and Luna.

Current mission: To gather information about Earth and its activities for the Uplifted Community.

  • Often sends updates to Highmaker as well.
  • Assigned as Science Officer to the Jupiter Rising.
  • God Father to Nuul, High Muthra of Atlantis. 
  • Made backups of the personnel profiles of Area 51. To study human behavior and its effects on others. 
Notable Organizations: (Earth/Sol)
  • Legion of Tomorrow
  • Terran Alliance
  • Western Alliance Pact

The Council of Five:

Main Hall/Juncture: Arah

The main seat of culture and politics withing the Multiverse Community. A place where all leylines meet within the Multiverse so it is guarded above all things. Even more-so then the homeworlds of the council members and League of Sentients.

  • Typherian Representative: Redacted, Information restricted at this time.
  • Bardaxian Representative: Heals-The-Rifts, wields a Yellow Defender Belt, that of Knowledge.
  • Forger Representative: Redacted, Information restricted at this time
  • Atlantian Representative: Redacted, Information restricted at this time
  • Litari Representative: Redacted, Information restricted at this time
Heals-The Rifts:

Horus' Files on Earther Commentary:

Cooper: <<YES!>> *Holovid shows him prancing in circles around Eliza with obvious joy*

Eliza: *picks Cooper up* What is best in life?

Cooper: <<EARTH CHICKEN!>>


Forger High Council:

  • Composed of 4 Elders. Most have seen at least 1000 years of service.
  • Each specializing in a different field.
  • They send out probes, travelers like Horus to developing systems to assess their eligibility for Uplift.
  • They see the dream that was foretold. The Twin Rulers of the Sky.
Ul’rek, Forger Ambassador to A51:

  • Assigned to A51 to help process Earth into Uplift Status. Placed the "Contact Sphere" on the first level of the Human section of the complex. So far, only 3 humans have accessed it.

MuliSec: Bounty Hunter Association

  • Striker Nix is a known bounty. Bearer of the Orange Belt delivered him to us without much issue. Donated fee to those who have lost families to the pirates.


Ancillary Notes:
All Cast Pages will be habitually updated with new information as the series progresses.

Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here