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The Uplift Protocol Twin Rulers of the Sky: Interlude Witchlights


Interlude: Witchlights

    All this to protect the greatest secrets of all. In order to remake the Tapestry one has to be able to access all aspects of it. The Banner will be the key. Now all we have to do is trust her to turn it just so. As the Wall wills it.--Annals of Tarvel: High Order Encryption

    Lensflair has a good intuition. I’ve decided to add him to a secondary string of Protectorate activities. Should be a good motivator.--Moonlighter

    All of these fools. I will continue to break bread with my enemies. The look of horror on their faces will be perfect.--Thoth

New Ashbury, Texas

Star Spangled Banner Museum

March 8th 5490 A.C

    I whistled cheerfully as I flagged Paxton over.

    Even as I marveled over the revelations about the Tarvelians. It was astounding how much my ancestor had been able to obfuscate that aspect. C’alain’s voice filled the void in the back of my mental landscape.

    >>They possessed magic and some demi abilites that are apparent within humanity. Just not in as great of numbers as you. The events around your birth and your brother’s were locked in. None of us wanted to burden you more than we had to. Even your mother does not know all the family secrets. Or your grandparents. With the advent of Convergence we were able to give them a life that wasn’t as beholden to House protocol.<<

    I replied, >>So that’s why Tarvel played up the “lower tech threshold” angle.<<

    C’alain noted, >>Exactly. For Chronos had already infiltrated areas otherwise closed off to his fallen purpose. So we planted different kinds of tech to distract him.<<

    Paxton motioned to the southern side of the building. “Let’s get this show on the road shall we?”

    I paused to look at the words stenciled on the display under the statue of myself holding up a half replica of Earth and Typha combined. Instead of it revealing me to the world the words were simplified this time around.

    Together we shall build the wall that will cradle every nation that follows. As we sail across the sea of stars our hope will guide us to the future. Each step out into the black will remind us of home.

    I did miss the part about being a child of two worlds but that wouldn’t be as accurate as many thought. The giant ringing three rose within my mind. Every sector of space followed that principle. Sol had Humanity, Typherians and Bardaxians.

    No Uplift Protocol to separate us.

    I messaged Nola, <<Does this mean we are….>>

    Her image flickered to life in the corner of my eye.

    She held up her mirror and winked.


    Nola replied, <<Only the best for you dear 5th of 5th cousins!>>

    I was beginning to think my life was one messy soap opera away from “Astounding Family Twists!” Paxton took one look at my expression and burst out laughing, “It’s not that bad. I think! Just a null space that no one can get through. Even Moonlighter got push back.”

    Void Maiden and the Puzzler met me at the spot that had confounded even the best of Bardaxian trackers. The wall shimmered then a rat the size of a German Shepherd Dog rolled about. His whiskers twitched. He pawed at his face for a moment. His cream and brown fur mottled akin to a cow.

    He sat up on his hind legs. His forepaws grabbed the edge of my cape. He held it reverently. “So good! Nice to be here. Before the Witching Hour!” His voice was deeper than expected. No collar for translation. I assumed magic. Emerald K-9 floated in behind us. His head on a swivel.

    He let out a few choice barks as Lensflair joined us.

    “That’s it? A humongous rat?”

    The rodent in question drew up to his full height.

    He proclaimed, “I am Reginald Herbert Olmark the 4th! But you make call me Mr. Red.”

    Lensflair snorted, “Right. And I’m King Arthur.”

    The rat pressed one paw to my shoulder.

    “It has begun!”

    Green mist exploded from the walls. A voice echoed through the communications hub within the museum. “Sweet dreams!” My vision blurred. I had just enough time to catch the others as they fell. I concentrated on the figure as it approached. It didn’t remove its mask but the way he moved reminded me of….

    Snake Charmer grunted as he tried to remove Void Maiden’s helmet.

    No good.

    It was reinforced via magic and technology. A pity.

    The ruined form of the Eternal Empire sorceress ran her fingers across the dais of the statue. “I wasn’t able to have enough fun last time. Time for round 2! I do find it hilarious that she and Impossible never hooked up this go around.”

    Charmer tossed the scroll at the withered corpse. “Just get on with it.”

    Hilary Brookes aimed a kick at the Banner’s head. Her foot broke in three places.

    She welcomed the pain, “Let’s hope my father is right about this.”

    Hilary let out a peel of laughter.

    “Oh yes. That I do recall. No sweet little Doctor to pull you out of this magical stupor.”

    Renenutet pouted, “Just a little taste….”

    Hilary’s face congealed. Two black orbs grew on her face until her mouth was a mere slit.

    The mummy recoiled. She bowed. “My lord.”

    Chronos relinquished control. Hilary scowled. “I hate it when he does that.”

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Book 12 Prologue: 

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