Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trad Pub

As far as trad sources go, here's my recent series that I've read over the past few years. Yes, years.

TOR, the only thing I get from them is Weber's Safehold Series.

I am genuinely shocked that I'm not blocked by most of Regressive SFF "trad" peeps. Hayden and the current TOR editing group have done more damage to Sci Fi and Fantasy by promoting Mundane Manifesto Boredom + "OMG THE POV HAS TO BE 100% NOT WHITE/EURO but especially NOT HETEROSEXUAL!".


Let's see, the trad stuff I have enjoyed: To get back on topic.

Going through Hyperion via Audible. It has some interesting ideas but I find myself not as interested in the multiple pages of details. Again, this is personal preferences. I find myself wanting to get to plot faster.

It's why I have a tendency with my own writing to set up basics for issues:

  • Have some sort of mystery or action (Internal or external)
  • Resolve an immediate problem within that issue or set it up for a run on thread in the main series.
  • Character moments that occur within a page or two, spaced out in-between some mystery or action.  
  • Minimal description, usually setting up some idea of what the area is via time/location fonts. With a bit of added setup when needed. IE: The team traveled down the corridor. The walls lined with various locked doors. That sorta thing. I think I do this in a snappier way because I've read so much sci fi and fantasy that I don't really need much prompting on what stuff looks like or feels like. It all comes down to preferences. 
That's why the only writing advice I can really give: Put stuff to paper, that's the only way you will develop a style or habit or selection. You can use other things to get ideas but don't get hung up on it. Just do it.

I have Safehold. Waited til the brick and mortar of B&N had it on clearance. Or Books-A-Millon. I enjoy Mr. David's work. Mostly through Baen but I don't want to give TOR any decent credit, so I waited til stuff was on deep sales.

I still enjoy Weber's stuff and the whole sci fi meets old style renaissance tech is fun. But he is very long in the tooth. Still good but if you compare to his team ups or older work, he def. needs to trim things. (To me at least.)

Some of the books below, I am going through on Audible. Like mentioned above + Age of Myth. I find it easier to listen to stories that go on description tangents when it has a multi narration bent or someone just speaking. When reading on my own, I like to have something that moves faster nowadays.

When I was younger I think, oddly enough, I had more patience for stuff that took a while to gain momentum.

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